Yoga doesn’t care how flexible or acrobatic you are. It has no judgment on your background story or your ability. What matters is that you let go of any expectations and of what has been and not worry about what’s to come. Experience the practice as new each time you step onto the mat; with no judgment, no expectations, no egos; from wherever you’re at in that very moment. From here, you will indeed progress and discover all that comes with it: from flexibility, strength, self discovery to patience, balance, acceptance and then some.
Not only when on the yoga mat but with yourself, others and many of life’s challenges.

I am a yoga teacher from London and teach in a style that is suitable for all levels, no matter if you’re an experienced yogi or not.  I offer classes in person, online and one to one. Guiding a practice that caters to all, proving how powerful and beneficial yoga can be. Whether it be physical, mental, spiritual or personal.

‘Yoga is a journey of the self, through the self, to the self.’ the Bhagavad Gita

No Egos

It’s not about comparisons or what anyone else is doing. It’s about you. Don’t worry how everyone else can ‘yoga’. Just let yourself be the best you can be on each day. Put your ego aside and step onto the mat with an open mind. Then you’ll find your flow.

No Expectations

Don’t expect to be Yogis straight away. It takes time and patience. Even when you think you’ve mastered the asana (posture) or breath, there’s always further you can go. Every day is different. Some days it just doesn’t flow. Let the expectations go of how we feel we should be and just do you, each time you step onto the mat.

No Frustrations

Frustrations can occur so often. Especially when you’re having a bad day, you keep wobbling out of the poses, unsure whether to inhale or exhale. Don’t let frustrations get in the way and defeat you. Let’s not concern ourselves with perfection. Let us only know that ‘practice makes progress’.

No Judgment

Let go of your self-judgment.  Let go of the judgment of how you think you’re supposed to look, be or feel.  Once we can let go of the judgment we have on ourselves, we can learn patience, live with an open mind, to speak with kindness and to give and receive love.

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